The jewel of the National Park "Una"

Strbački buk with a height of 24.5 m is the highest and most spectacular waterfall in the National Park, and its origin is linked to tectonic movements and the creation of travertine deposits. At the beginning of the 20th century, the shores of this waterfall were decorated with numerous Una mills, reminiscent of sojenicas, dwellings of the prehistoric Japodi tribe. Sojenice are wooden houses built above the water, on oak posts (pylons) driven into the bottom of the river. Japods lived in this area for the last 1000 years of the old era.

Through the State Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO, the “Una” National Park launched an initiative to add the Strbački buk to the UNESCO list along with the complex of waterfalls in Martin Brod.

Why visit Štrbački buk?

If you are looking for fun, exciting and challenging outdoor adventure activities, look no further. You can experience unforgettable outdoor activities, paddle the river and explore.



All agencies that provide rafting, kayaking and canoeing services on the Una River have trained and licensed skippers, registered boats, and all guests - rafters are insured and equipped with adequate equipment.


Excursion and educational adventure

Educational programs for children are designed in such a way that, through workshops and planned activities within the selected park tour program, healthy communication develops between the participants, in this case children, so that through fun and recreation, children form an awareness of the importance of protecting and preserving nature.


Hiking and mountaineering

If you are a fan of hiking or mountain climbing, Štrbački buk is the right choice for you. In addition to the incredible view and untouched nature, explore the forest paths and ecosystems of the Una National Park.



During any adventure or research, a break is very important, especially on warm days. Give yourself a chance and refreshment, feel the magical taste of the food of the restaurant "Buk" surrounded by nature.


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