Basic information

Rafting is going down more or less wild rivers in a rubber boat called a raft. Although it belongs to extreme sports, rafting is primarily a form of sports recreation, adventure and real tourist pleasure. It is suitable for everyone and no prior knowledge of rowing is required, but must be accompanied by a licensed boat driver (skipper).

The irresponsible behavior of visitors who decide to raft down the Una river alone and without supervision can have serious consequences for the safety of people as well as for the preservation of the travertine barriers as one of the greatest values ​​of the river. Outbreaks of this type not only damage the image of the National Park, but can also result in a significant threat to individual safety. In addition to taking measures to raise awareness of the consequences of irresponsible behavior, incidents of this type are severely punished in order to minimize their occurrence.

Depending on the weather conditions during a certain year, the rafting season on the Una lasts from March to October. The most attractive section on the river Una from Štrbački buk to the settlement of Lohovo, its entire length of 15 km stretches through the National Park. The first part is long, violent, unpredictable with many smaller and larger waterfalls, rapids and whirlpools. The weight of the Una during the high water level during April and May is from 3 to 5 degrees, and during the medium water level the weight is from 2 to 4 degrees, the path is complex and strong with turbulent water around tufa rocks, currents and bends.

A kayak is a small boat that is powered by human power. Most often it has a covered deck. It is propelled by a special paddle with two paddles. Modern kayaks are made according to different designs for special purposes, and among other things, in addition to canoes, kayaks and canoes on calm waters, and kayaks and canoes on wild waters are used in the Olympic sports. Kayaking and rafting are the most exciting and popular sports and recreational activities on the waters of the “Una” National Park, which are offered by several well-organized rafting agencies that will provide you with unforgettable moments of sailing along the most attractive sections of the Una River.

The real diving adventure begins right on the river Una, one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in Europe. You can experience an unforgettable diving story in only one place and one river – UNI, which includes: Diving under the Una waterfalls and Speed ​​River Diving. While the mass of water falls from the beautiful waterfalls, swirls and turns into foam, you feel this wonderful dynamic and realize that you are in a new diving dimension of speed river diving.

Short review

Name of the stage: Štrbački buk – Loskun – Lohovo

Length of the stage: 15km

Driving duration: 3-4h

Water temperature: 13° do 17°C