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EcoSUSTAIN project

The public company National Park “Una” is one of the partners implementing the project called EcoSUSTAIN – “Ecologically sustainable management of protected Mediterranean areas based on an improved scientific, technological and managerial knowledge base”, the implementation of which began on November 1, 2016. This project is financed from the EU program Interreg Mediterranean, 10 partners from Italy, Greece, Spain, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina participate in the project. The EcoSUSTAIN project represents joint cooperation with the aim of maintaining biodiversity and natural ecosystems through stronger management and networking of protected areas through capacity building, innovative technologies and improvement of the management knowledge base. In addition to improving management and networking, water quality control and monitoring will be carried out using the latest ICT technology, which will ensure long-term monitoring based on satellite data processing.


The SavaTies project

Sava TIES started on June 1, 2018, and during the next three years the project will be implemented in the area of four countries through which the Sava River flows – Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The goal is to find an effective solution for the permanent removal and suppression of invasive alien plant species. These are plants that do not naturally live in our area, but were introduced by intentional or unintentional human influence. They spread uncontrollably through the Sava river basin, have a negative impact on other native species or even completely displace them, reduce soil fertility, overgrow arable agricultural areas, cause major problems in flood defense, and the like. As part of the project, in seven areas in four countries, different methods for effective removal of plants will be tested. The emphasis is on cross-sector cooperation, because only effective cooperation between different professions, national/local authorities and the local population can achieve the desired results.

The project "Wildlife and the life of animals in the NP Una - Phase WOLF"

The goal of the project is continuity in the creation of a basis for the preservation and restoration of the valuable biological heritage of the diversity of the Una National Park, with an emphasis on the fauna of vertebrates and globally endangered species of large animals, the acquisition of new knowledge, their transformation into a new economic value of the area. It is very important that the project establishes mechanisms for long-term activities that would ensure the protection of the population, monitoring and inventorying of the wolf population in NP Una. A number of measures are being introduced to preserve biodiversity, among which the first phase is scientific research with an emphasis on inventory and determination of the state. Then protection, recovery and management plans are made for individual rare, endangered and endemic species, international conventions and agreements are implemented, new lists of protected species are created, protection indicators are identified and monitoring is designed. All this is reason enough to continue the Una National Park Wildlife and Animal Life project with a focus on the terrain of the National Park and the tendency to “exit” the Una National Park area.