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The village of Orašac, next to Kulen Vakuf, is the largest place in the Una National Park. It is located 11 km downstream from Kulen Vakuf, and immediately before entrance no. 3 Čelije that leads to the Štrbački buk visitor zone and the waterfall of the same name.

Orašac, a small place completely surrounded by greenery, can boast of an abundance of local products and small producers who are mostly families who, from the oldest to the youngest members, spend their time in agriculture, raising animals, and processing the obtained food into finished products.

Honey and honey products, fruit juices, brandies, fruits and vegetables, from a region that does not touch the air mixed with an industrial zone, always prepared as if for yourself and your children, there is no price. All that, and much more, in one place, made by someone’s hand, with a lot of love, work, often pain, sacrifice, time and investment, but also imagination and the goal that one day their products will reach your table.

The settlement of Orašac also has cultural and historical value. Here are the remains of the eponymous Old Town of Orašac, which was built between 1703 and 1730, created in the Ottoman period. Another historical fort that points to the strategic importance of this area, located on top of a steep hill above Orašac.

In Pounje, the people believe that Orašac is the birthplace of the epic hero from the Muslim folk song of Budalina Taleta, a striking figure of the Bosnian folk epic. Today it is in a state of ruin, and the best preserved of all is the tower that belonged to the parish of Hum. Its roots go back centuries. She was a part of the Ostrovica captaincy, and the crew of 60 nefers and commanders was commanded by a dizdar

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stari grad orasac

The medieval town of Orašac

Orašac is a medieval town that belonged to the Hum parish, and later an Ottoman town in the Ostrovička captaincy, located on a steep hill above the place of the same name.



Orašac, a small town completely surrounded by greenery, can boast of an abundance of local products and small producers