Basic information

Mountaineering for humans today is the healthiest physical activity that takes place in nature. A full experience of the National Park is not possible without getting to know nature and forest ecosystems. Marked hiking trails have been established that aim to bring visitors closer and connect them with nature, providing an active holiday in the fresh air.

If you are a beginner thinking about hiking, we bring you some useful tips to make your stay in nature complete. It is extremely important to have high-quality footwear, comfortable clothes (hiking pants and a T-shirt) adapted to the weather conditions, a backpack, poles, two liters of water, a whistle, a lamp and an auxiliary rope. There are numerous advantages, and we bring you some of them, which might make you go get your first goyzers today and visit our park, and they are:

– fitness, balance and calorie burning,
– your whole body works,
– hiking controls/prevents diabetes,
– lowers blood pressure and cholesterol,
– represents a social activity and increases creativity,
– positive influence on the level of happiness and depression,
– you get close to nature.

Short review

Red – technically demanding

Yellow – moderate weight

Green – short and easy trails