Untouched nature

In the passionate embrace of two rivers, at the confluence of the Unac and the Una, the unrepeatable natural beauty untouched for centuries, the inhabited Martin Brod, jealously guards its charms. The largest complex of waterfalls in the “Una” National Park is located in this place, and there used to be a large number of mills and mills here.

The settlement arose from a medieval town that was built at the end of the 14th or the beginning of the 15th century at the confluence of the Una and the Una, and there are historians’ opinions that this old town dates back to the 13th century. According to records from 1396, this town was called Konuba. It was first mentioned in the sources in 1431, when the Hungarian king Sigismund pledged it to Nikola Frankopan.

In today’s Martin Brod, there is the Rmnaj Orthodox monastery, which represents an important spiritual seat of the northern Tromeđa (the tri-border area of ​​Bosnia, Lika and Dalmatia). Folk tradition attributes its rise to Katarina Branković – the daughter of the Serbian despot Đurđ Branković and the Byzantine princess Jerina Kantakuzin and the wife of Count Urlih II of Celje.

In older documents, the Rmanj monastery is called Hrmanj, Ajerman, Chermlja, Szermil, Hermanya, Herman, and it was named after Katarina’s son Herman III, who died young due to illness, and Katarina built the monastery in his memory. In the people, over time, the name Herman changed to the name Rmanj, and that name has remained to this day.

Why visit Martin Brod?

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Picnic area "Lucica"

Not far from entrance number 5 to the National Park, there is a picnic area "Lucica" equipped with covered tables and benches, which has become an ideal place for the local population and guests to enjoy leisure time in nature with the freshness of the nearby Unac, which flows into the Una not far from this locality . The picnic area is located on the right side of the road after the entrance to Martin Brod.



In Martin Brod you can find unique fishing grounds for fly fishing enthusiasts. As part of Martin Brod, there is police station no. 1 with a length of 7.5 km, within this area there is a special part of the fly fishing area "Unac" with a length of 900 m. The fishing season for brown trout (Salmo trutta) is open from 01.03. - September 30, while grayling (Thymallus thymallus) is open from May 1. - 30.09.


The legend of Martin Brod

Due to the unfortunate love of two young people, this place was named Martin Brod.



In addition to enjoying the natural beauty of the Una waterfalls and fishing, tourists in Martin Brod also enjoy the gastronomic offer, which is dominated by fish specialties.



One of the tourist attractions of Martin Brod is a natural ecological washing machine called "bučnica", which is located 200m from the waterfall. It is assumed that it is older than 300 years.

Man hiking bay the trail in the forest.


There are two hiking trails in Martin Brod called "Martina staza" and "Put pod gredu". Hiking in nature is the best thing you can do for yourself.


Rmanj Monastery

After the last war, the brothers of the Rmnja monastery returned to Martin Brod in 1998 and completely restored the monastery. In 2006, the new monastery lodge (house) was consecrated, which was built with the efforts of Archimandrite Seraphim (Kužić) and Abbot Sergi (Karanović).

Milančev buk-2

Milančev buk

Waterfall Milančev buk is located in the Martin Brod visitor zone. This waterfall is one of the sequent waterfalls and cascades which are spread throughout the entire village of Martin Brod all the way to the Unac’s confluence with the Una. This 800-meter-long sequence of waterfalls and cascades with a vertical drop of 54 meters is the largest and longest waterfalls complex in the National Park. Throughout its almost entire flow, the Una is a river of cascades. Tufa formations such as cascades, river aits, white-water passages, rapids, and (combined with tectonic movements) waterfalls represent the most prominent features of this unique river. Waterfalls of different sizes and forms attract numerous visitors, and inspire artists but are also of great interest to scientists from different fields of study.


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