The incredible Una waterfalls

The Una waterfalls are a natural asset that, among others, adorn this part of the National Park and invite you to a pleasant walk along the forest path from Dvoslap to Troslap (2km). Here there are accommodation facilities (apartments, rooms and a small camp), catering, a farm house, an eco village, a souvenir shop, a boat and bicycle rental service, and the possibility of boating on the river Una is offered. Considering that near the entrance no. 6 are the bases of most rafting agencies, it is possible to arrange a ride on the river Una in rafts and kayaks, that is, adrenaline adventures on the most attractive rafting and kayaking section through the Štrbacki buk – Lohovo National Park.

Why visit Lohovo?

If you are looking for fun, exciting and challenging outdoor adventure activities, look no further. You can experience unforgettable outdoor activities and explore.

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Dvoslap i Troslap

The most magnificent waterfalls in the world do not have to be the highest. Such a story befits Lohova, which is surrounded by nature and waterfalls that complete it. The river Una, which is surrounded by untouched forest, makes a perfect location for unforgettable memories.



An ideal vacation is ideal if you have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and the rich flavors of the gastronomic offer at the same time. Lohovo offers you that possibility.


Hiking and walking

Lohovo is a suitable place for all nature lovers, researchers and all those who are ready for new challenges. Accept the challenge, embark on a pleasant forest walk and get to know nature.

a boat trip for a guy and a girl along the canals and bays of the river overgrown with wild willows

Driving on Una boats

Stay enchanted by the beauty, let the river Una tell its story. Sail along the river on a boat while observing natural waterfalls and enjoying gastronomic offers.


Fun for the little ones

Traveling without children is not interesting, for this reason we have prepared a children's playroom for your youngest, which is located right next to the restaurant and contains slides, swings and many other interesting contents so that they too can enjoy a carefree game.


Ulaz u park br. 4 - Račić

The entrance is not functional.


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