Basic information

As everywhere in the world where people live by the water, fishing has been a very popular traditional activity for the population living in the area of ​​today’s “Una” National Park since the time of the Japods, and this has remained prominent even to the present day. In recent times, sport and recreational fishing is the most common pastime for nature lovers who visit the park as tourists enjoying fishing, which is customary and allowed on the clear and cold waters of the Una and Unac rivers. By declaring the National Park “Una” and thus a part of the Una, Una and Krka watercourses protected, the legislator did not intend to prohibit fishing activities with a strict protection regime, but to combine them with the foreseen protective measures as primary tasks, and on the other hand with the entire tourist offer park, the city of Bihać and the Una-Sana Canton.

Many anglers from the region and all over Europe are familiar with the current fly-fishing areas Unac and Una, and the new organization of fishing has created the conditions for the further popularization of this sport on these two rivers. fly fishing and that:

– Precinct no. 1 “Martin Brod” with a length of 7.5 km (within this area there is a special part of the fly fishing area “Unac” with a length of 900 m),
– Precinct no. 1B “Kulen Vakuf” 1.5 km long.

Four areas have been established for lovers of fishing using the method of cheating with artificial bait and fishing with a water ball, namely:

– Precinct no. 2 “Celije – Klisa” with a length of 14.5 km,
– Precinct no. 4 “Dvoslap” with a length of 5.5 km,
– Precinct no. 1A “Gečet” with a length of 3 km,
– Precinct no. 5 “Očigrije” with a length of 1.7 km.

Fishing season

01.03. until 30.09 – Brown trout / Salmo trutta

01.05. until 30.09 – Grayling / Thymallus thymallus