Frequently asked questions

According to Article 6 of the Law on NP “Una”, lighting fires is strictly prohibited outside designated and arranged places. Fires for visitors are allowed in the picnic area only on grills whose hearth is raised above the ground, in the upper part of the Štrbacki buk locality and in the Lučica – Martin brod picnic zone.

In the Una National Park, visitors are allowed to swim in the Una River at specially marked and designated places for the time that the entrances to the visitor zones are open. Swimming 50m upstream and downstream from the waterfalls on the river Una, walking on travertine barriers and swimming in other rivers of the park are prohibited.

Visitors to the Una National Park can choose from the following activities: cycling, adrenaline rafting and kayaking, fishing and hiking/hiking.

Entrance number 3 – Čelije is the most accessible and most frequent entrance that leads to Strbački buk, it is located on the section that leads from Orašac to Strbački buk. It is an asphalt and macadam road with a length of 8 km, and the entry control point is located in the village of Ćelije. Traffic on this section is only allowed for passenger traffic, i.e. cars and minibuses with a maximum of 35 seats, as well as motorcycles. Large buses are not allowed to travel on this road, given that the road is narrow in certain parts and is not suitable for large vehicles, therefore, for organized large groups, we mediate in the organization of transport.

Dogs are allowed to enter the park only when accompanied by their owner and must be on a leash at all times during their stay. During transportation (by bus, minibus), the dog must wear a muzzle. When visiting the National Park, dogs are not allowed to enter the interior of sacred buildings and the promenade in the visitor zones Štrbacki buk and Martin Brod.

It is not allowed to fish outside the boundaries of the areas determined by the Decisions of the National Park Una, as well as recreational fishing without a valid fishing license, nor is it allowed to hunt, catch, disperse or disturb wild game and other animal species.

War invalids and members of the Association of Martyrs and Fallen Fighters (Veterans) have free entry upon presentation of an ID card. For groups of 25 or more visitors, free entry is granted for the group guide and the bus driver. Entrance to the National Park is not charged for persons who have real estate in the visitor zones upon presentation of an identity document and a document of ownership. Journalists have free entry to the visitor zones upon presentation of a valid official photo ID. All female visitors named Una have free entry to the visitor zones upon presentation of a valid photo ID.

Camping in the Una National Park is allowed only in organized campsites or places designated for this purpose.

If you want to keep your pleasant memories of the Una National Park, visit our Info Point or the National Park administration and choose a souvenir of your choice. Our Info Points are located at the entrances to Gorjevac, Ćelije and Martin Brod, and the administration is located at Bosanska 17d, 77000 Bihać. We offer postcards with motifs, stickers with the coat of arms and tourist maps.