How to reach us?

The Una National Park is located in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, mainly in the area of the city of Bihać and to a lesser extent in the municipalities of Bosanski Petrovac and Drvar. It stretches along the border with Croatia and is only 30 kilometers from the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

The closest border crossings to the National Park and the city of Bihać are:

– Užljebić border crossing,
– Border crossing Izačić – Ličko Petrovo Selo,
– Border crossing Strmica.


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Enter the park

Entrance no. 1 - Gorjevac

It is located along the M-5 highway, at the 14th kilometer from the center of Bihać in the direction of Bosanski Petrovac. It represents one of the three established entrances to the Štrbacki buk – Lohovo visitor zone.

The maximum vehicle speed on this section is 30 km/h (macadam road).

Entrance no. 2 - Ćukovi

Pedestrian and bicycle entrance located along the local road R408 at the entrance to the Ćukovi settlement, which leads to the interior, i.e. Štrbački buk, Kulen Vakuf and Martin Brod.

This path is intended for walking and cycling only. Access to motor vehicles is strictly prohibited.

Entrance no. 3 - Ćelije

It is located on the road that leads from the settlement of Orašac towards Štrbački buk. It is a combination of macadam and asphalt roads, and the entry control point is located in the hamlet of Čelije.

Traffic on this section is only allowed for passenger traffic, i.e. cars and minibuses (max. 35 seats).

Entrance no. 4 - Raćić

Entrance No. 4 – Račić is currently under construction and is not in operation. More information coming soon.

Entrance no. 5 - Martin Brod

It is located in the part of the village from where the path leads to Milančevo (Veliki) buk, which represents only part of the complex of Martinbrod waterfalls where control and ticket collection is carried out.

Not far from this entrance is the Lucica picnic area equipped with covered tables and benches. The picnic area is located on the right after the entrance.

Entrance no. 6 - Lohovo

It is located on the left side of the river Una and is the closest point and entrance to the Park from the city of Bihać. At the entrance there is a wooden house, i.e. an information control point.

The Una waterfalls are natural values that, among others, adorn this part of the National Park and challenge you to a pleasant walk along the forest path from Dvoslap to Troslap.