Basic information

Cycling is an excellent activity for the body, there are numerous advantages that this activity has for your body. Some of them are better heart function, improved circulation and loss of unwanted pounds. Cycling is the only activity that you can do even in your older days because it does not create negative effects on your joints. In addition, bicycles are environmentally friendly because they do not pollute the environment and are the cheapest means of transportation available. With only minimal investments, you can have an excellent two-wheeled pet that will serve you for a lifetime.

In the National Park and its zones, there are a certain number of trails that, in addition to hiking, are also intended for lovers of mountain biking. There are more and more fans of this sport who enjoy driving on marked trails as well as existing forest and asphalt roads that connect the entrances to the visitor zones with the most attractive localities. New paths are gradually being prepared in order to allow cyclists to ride through the most beautiful parts of the park and in this way avoid the sections where motor vehicles travel as much as possible. Most of the trails and forest roads are suitable for all cyclists.

Description of bicycle signaling

Red – technically demanding

Yellow – moderate weight

Green – short and easy trails